There’s no more waiting around for your internet to get connected. Joining your building’s Wi-Fi is ultra-fast and easy, but first you need to check your building for availability.

You can sign up online or just connect to the OC UltraNet Wi-Fi signal in your building, select your plan, enter your details and start surfing!

Why OC UltraNet?

Unlimited Data

All our plans are unlimited so you never have to worry about how much data you are using and if you need more. With OC ultranet the glass is always half full.

No lock-in contracts

We want you to stay because you want to stay, no lock-in contracts, no small print and no strings attached. We believe our service will more than meet your needs.

No connection fees

To make getting connected even simpler, there are no set up fees. We want you to be happy with your service right from the start.

No Wi-Fi modem needed

That’s right you really don’t need to spend more money on buying a new expensive router. It’s really as easy as finding the building Wi-Fi and signing up.

Building Wi-Fi

Check your building for availability

Wi-Fi Only

$64 p/m
Up to 25Mbps

No Lock-in contract
No connection fee
No modem required

Critical Information Summary

Let's get started

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